18 Personality Describing Idioms & Phrases

List of personality idioms (part-2):

1. People person
2. Happy camper
3. Big mouth
4. Lone wolf
5. Pain in the neck
6. Wimp
7. Worrywart
8. Chatterbox
9. Behind the time
10. Night owl
11. Early bird
12. Pig-headed
13. Tough cookie
14. Snake in the grass
15. Smart cookie
16. Mover and shaker
17. Backseat driver
18. Cold fish
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Personality Describing Idioms (Part-2)

Personality describing idioms
Personality Idioms


1) People person  


A person who enjoys being with or talking to other people. 


•   My best friend is a people person. 

•   Saloni tries hard, but she is just not a people person. 

2) Happy camper 


Someone who is happy and satisfied with their situation. 


   I was one happy camper when I heard the news. 

•   There were still some happy campers after the company was reorganized.


3) Big mouth 


If a person is or has a big mouth, he/she often says things that are meant to be kept secret. 


   She has a big mouth so you should be careful of what you say around her. 

•   Dua went and opened her big mouth and told my parents the whole story.

4) Lone wolf 


A person who prefers to live, act, or work alone or independent of others. 


   Among his peers, Abhimanyu is something of a lone wolf. 

•   My elder brother had the reputation of being a lone wolf in high school.


Lone wolf - personality idiom

5) Pain in the neck


Someone or something that is very annoying or tedious


   One of my kids is a real pain in the neck. 

•   Selena was a pain in the neck. We were glad when she left our department.

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6) Wimp 


A person who is not strong, brave, or confident. 


   I always thought my younger brother was a wimp. 

•   She will not go on his own—she is a complete wimp!


7) Worrywart 


A person who often worries, especially about things that are not important. 


   My grandfather is a real worrywart. 

•   Don't listen to hershe is just a worrywart.


8) Chatterbox 


A chatterbox is someone who talks a lot. 


   My sister was a chatterbox at school. 

•   He hardly said a word until he was two, but now he is a little chatterbox.


9) Behind the time 


If someone or something is behind the times, they are old-fashioned. 


   Our professor is surprisingly behind the times. 

•   You are probably not aware that those wages councils were very tiny and behind the times.


10) Night owl 


A night owl is someone who regularly stays up late at night, or who prefers to work at night. 


   My wife is a night owl, but I like to be in bed by 9 o'clock. 

•   The late-night parties make the hotel a haven for night owls.

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Night owl - personality idiom

11) Early bird 


A person who gets up or arrives early, or who does something before other people do. 


   The early bird usually gets the best deal. 

•   My mother has always been an early bird, getting up at 3.30 or 4 am.


12) Pig-headed 


unwilling to change your opinion about something, in a way that other people think is annoying and unreasonable 


   Why are you being so pig-headed about this? 

•   Isha, in her pig-headed way, insists that she is right and that everyone else is wrong.


13) Tough cookie 


A person who is physically and emotionally strong. 


   My wife really is a tough cookie. 

•   Don't worry about Dev—he's a tough cookie.


14) Snake in the grass 


If you describe someone as a snake in the grass, you mean they are false because they pretend to be your friend while actually harming you. 


   Her husband turned out to be a snake in the grass. 

•   Be careful around Riyashe's a snake in the grass and will absolutely take advantage of you.


Snake in the grass - personality idiom

15) Smart cookie 


A clever person who makes good decisions. 


   He might seem like a scatterbrain, but in fact he is a smart cookie. 

•   Taylor Swift is a smart cookie, adjusting her songs to fit her audiences.


16) Mover and shaker 


A person with power and influence in a particular field of activity. 


  She is one of the movers and shakers in California politics. 

  The new director of the company is a real mover and shaker.


17) Backseat driver 


Someone who offers unwanted advice or who tries to control something that is supposed to be controlled by another person. 


   You shouldn't be a backseat driver in your life! 

•   It is expected that the former CEO will be a backseat driver on the company's board.


18) Cold fish 


If you say that someone is a cold fish, you think that they are unfriendly and unemotional. 


   I didn't really show much emotion – I'm a bit of a cold fish. 

•   I know people thought I was a real cold fish, but what could I do?

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