13 Idioms about Time

There are lots of English expressions using time. We put together this list of common idioms about time, along with some example sentences of how they are used. These are idioms and phrases that are used in everyday situations, formal and informal so it’s good to be familiar with them.

List of common idiomatic expressions about time:

1. Have a whale of a time

2. Do time

3. Take time out

4. In no time

5. Kill time

6. A devil of a time

7. In good time

8. Time will tell

9. Time heals all wounds

10. Time flies

11. Bide your time

12. In the nick of time

13. Make time

13 Time Idioms in English


idioms about time
Idioms About Time

1. Have a whale of a time

to enjoy yourself a lot




She had a whale of a time in London.


They had a whale of a time on holiday.


2. Do time

to spend time in prison




Daniel did time for fraud a few years ago.


She has been doing time in a federal penitentiary.


3. Take time out

If you take time out from an activity or job, you have a break from it and do something different instead.




You look tired! Why not take some time out?


She took time out from her career to raise her children.


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4. In no time

very quickly




Don't walk - take a taxi and you'll be there in no time.


Now that Dev is on the highway, he'll be here in no time.


5. Kill time

to spend time doing something that is not important while you are waiting for something else to happen




We started playing cards, just to kill time.


While I was waiting, I killed time counting the cars on the freight trains.


6. A devil of a time

very difficult or causing a lot of trouble




She had a devil of a time getting another job.


He got there just in time, but he had a devil of a job finding her in that place.


7. In good time

to arrive early so that there is time to spare before a particular event




We'll be at the airport in good time.


If you leave now you'll arrive in good time for the train.


8. Time will tell

used to say that the results of a situation will be known only after a certain amount of time has passed




Time will tell whether they made the right decision.


The romance has started well, but will it last? Time will tell.


9. Time heals all wounds

used to say that feelings of sadness, disappointment, etc., gradually go away as time passes




It's been over a year since we split up and time heals everything.


He thought he would never be able to love again, but, as they say, time heals all wounds.

10. Time flies

used to say that time passes quickly




How time flies! I've got to go now.


Time flies when you're having fun.


11. Bide your time

to wait patiently for a good opportunity to do something




I don't like my job. I'm just biding my time until I get a better one.


He bided his time patiently until the opportunity came to get his revenge.


12. In the nick of time

at the last possible moment




I decided to go just in the nick of time.


The swimmers were rescued in the nick of time.

13. Make time

to find time to do something or be with somebody in spite of being busy




In a relationship, you have to make time for each other.


He had made time for me in the midst of his busy schedule.

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