8 English Idioms to Describe Beauty & Appearance

What are idioms? An idiom is a phrase whose meaning isn’t obvious from looking at the individual words. Idioms are used regularly in the English language. People use idiomatic expressions to make their language expressive and more poetic.
Why is it so important to learn English idioms and phrases? English Idioms can help you to find the real meaning of the context and use hundreds of native English expressions. If you don’t understand common idioms and phrases in English, it’s almost impossible to understand the context. Here are some English idioms and phrases to describe beauty and appearance that everyone should know:

8 English Idioms to Describe Beauty & Appearance

English Idioms to Describe Beauty & Appearance
Beauty & Appearance Idioms

1. Cut a dash

to look attractive, especially by wearing fashionable clothes


He cuts a dash in his black suit.

2. Dressed to kill

wearing very smart or fashionable clothes in order to be noticed and admired


Mani arrived at the party dressed to kill.

dressed to kill

3. To look like a million dollars

to look extremely attractive and well-dressed


Every couple wants to look a million dollars on their wedding day.

4. Put​ your face on

apply make-up to your face


It’s nine o’clock already and I haven’t even put my face on.

put​ your face on

5. A beauty spot

a birthmark or mole on the face


The doctor advised her to remove her beauty spot as it was changing shape.

6. Dressed (up) to the nines

to be wearing fashionable or formal clothes for a special event


She always goes out dressed to the nines.

7. Not a hair out of place

to have a very neat appearance


She was as immaculate as ever - not a hair out of place

8. Pretty as a picture 

very attractive or pleasant to look at


She looked pretty as a picture in her new dress.

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