Love Idioms: 10 English Phrases about Love & Relationships

Love, what a divine and pious feeling that anyone experiences in one’s life. It’s also a popular topic of conversation in the English language. There are many phrases and idiomatic expressions about every stage of romantic relationships in English. Native speakers use various idioms and phrases to express different types and degrees of love. Here are 10 of our favourite idioms about relationships, love and dating to get you started.

List of love and relationships idioms:

1. Puppy love/calf love

2. Match made in heaven

3. Fall head over heels

4. The apple of (someone’s) eye

5. Ask (someone) out

6. Pop the question

7. Love at first sight

8. Lovey-dovey

9. Tie the knot

10. Dump someone 



love idioms
idioms about love and relationships

1. Puppy love/calf love

feelings of love that a young person has for someone else and that adults do not think is very serious




Jack has a cool new girlfriend, but it's just puppy love.



2. Match made in heaven

two people who are perfectly suited to each other




Veronica and Justin are a match made in heaven.

Everyone thinks that we're a match made in heaven.


3. Fall head over heels

to be in love with someone very much




As soon as I saw her, I fell head over heels. 

It was obvious that Henry had fallen head over heels in love with Emma.



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4. The apple of (someone's) eye

a person or thing that someone loves very much




His youngest son is the apple of his eye.

Dua was always the apple of her mother’s eye.



5. Ask (someone) out

to invite someone to go out with you, especially as a way of starting a romantic relationship




She is too shy to ask him out.

He has asked Ritika out to the cinema this evening.



6. Pop the question

to ask someone to marry you




Nick got serious quickly and popped the question four months later.

Megha was deeply in love with Dev, so when he popped the question, she said yes without any further thought. 



7. Love at first sight

a feeling of love for someone when you see them for the first time 




When James met Amelia it was love at first sight. They were engaged within two months.

Charlie was standing at the door when Clara opened it. It was love at first sight.



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8. Lovey-dovey

lovey-dovey people show their love for each other in public by touching each other and saying loving things




His lovey-dovey attitude is known to all.

Anna was lovey-dovey on Facebook about him just last month.



9. Tie the knot

to get married




Sumer tied the knot with Sneha two years ago.

Her sister is tying the knot for the second time and she is only 28 years old.


10. Dump someone

to suddenly end a romantic relationship with someone




Her boyfriend dumped her.

If she's so awful, why don't you just dump her?

We hope you enjoyed these idioms! If you know any more love-related idioms feel free to share them in the comments below. 

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