10 English idioms about ice

In this post, you’ll find some ice idioms and expressions to keep your English conversations warm! These idioms actually have nothing to do with ice! But that’s to be expected since idioms can’t be taken literally. Learn 10 ice-related idioms to help you break the ice.

List of ice idioms in English:

1. Tip of the iceberg

2. Break the ice

3. Cut no ice

4. Put (something) on ice

5. Skating on thin ice

6. Ice down

7. Ice in your veins

8. Ice queen

9. Sell ice to Eskimos

10. The icing on the cake



ice idioms
Idioms About Ice

1. The tip of the iceberg

the small part of a much larger problem or situation that remains hidden




The recent protests are just the tip of the iceberg.

Irina's money problems are the tip of the iceberg. Her boyfriend dumped her and she also lost her job.


2. Break the ice

to do or say something to make people feel relaxed and comfortable, especially in a new situation




No one had said a word until Dev broke the ice.

Irina didn't know anyone at the party, so she told a few jokes to break the ice.


3. Cut no ice

to have no significance or value




Her opinion cuts no ice with me.

Jack's excuses cut no ice with me. He doesn't have a good reason for his lateness.



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4. Put (something) on ice

to postpone something




When the stock market fell sharply the whole deal was put on ice.

My plans to study abroad were put on ice during the coronavirus pandemic.


5. On thin ice or skating on thin ice

to be doing something risky which may have serious or unpleasant consequences




She is skating on thin ice by lying to the police.

You are skating on thin ice, showing up late for work every day.


6. Ice-cool

being calm and not showing emotion in difficult situations




Practicing meditation has helped me to become ice-cool in times of trouble.

He is fearless, determined, ice-cool, and has a unique style that can't be copied.


7. Ice in your veins

the ability to remain calm and controlled in a difficult situation in which other people would become afraid or upset




They can't believe how calm he was the whole time. He must have ice in his veins.

I admire those bomb disposal experts. They need to have ice in their veins to do what they do.



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8. Ice queen

a coolly composed, unemotional woman; a woman without affection or warmth of feeling




I don't know how Dua can go out with an ice queen like Riya.

Many see the vice president as some kind of ice queen, but I think she is just being as tough as she needs to be.


9. Sell ice to Eskimos

to convince people to accept something unnecessary or preposterous or to go against their best interests




He is such a smooth talker, he could sell ice to Eskimos.

I can't believe you were able to sell an extra 250 units to the hospital. You could sell ice to Eskimos!


10. The icing on the cake

something that makes a good situation even better




I’m really happy playing here, and if we win today that will be the icing on the cake.

He was just content to see his daughter in such a stable relationship but a grandchild, that really was the icing on the cake.

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