English Idioms Quiz #2 with Answers

Do you understand common idiomatic expressions in English? For example, Isha Zulfiqar is the black sheep of her family, which means she is considered bad or worthless by other people in her family. In this little idiom quiz below we've selected 10 common idioms and phrases that you really need to know. Test your knowledge with this exercise! 

English Idioms Quiz #2 with Answers

1. On cloud nine

(a) Floating
(b) Dreaming
(c) Flying
(d) Very happy

2. Lose your marbles

(a) To go insane
(b) To lower down anger
(c) To be patient
(d) To handle stress

3. He's sitting on the fence

(a) He can't hide himself
(b) He can't stop trying
(c) He can't do anything seriously
(d) He can't make a decision

4. Play it by ear

(a) To plan
(b) To improve
(c) To listen carefully
(d) To do something without special preparation

5. Cudgel one's brain

(a) To overthink
(b) To think hard
(c) To dispute over small things
(d) Thinking about a debate

6. Fair-weather friends

(a) A person who is friends with you every day
(b) A person who is friends with you during the night
(c) A person who is friends with you in difficult times
(d) A person whose friendship cannot be relied on in times of difficulty

7. Someone's heart is in the right place

(a) Change your opinion or the way you feel
(b) Share secret worries with someone else
(c) Someone is good even if they sometimes behave in a wrong manner
(d) Suddenly feel so excited or frightened that your heart beats faster

8. Eat humble pie

(a) To live a life of humility
(b) To admit that you were wrong
(c) To enjoy life to the fullest
(d) To live in penury

9. Steer clear of someone/something

(a) To be very easy
(b) To avoid someone or something because it is dangerous for you
(c) To be mentally and physically exhausted
(d) To show someone how to do a job or activity

10. Red tape

(a) Have a negative amount in your bank balance
(b) Catch someone at the moment they are doing something wrong
(c) Official rules and processes that seem unnecessary and delay results
(d) Something unimportant that takes attention away from the main subject

Idiom Quiz #2

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Idioms Phrases Quiz #2 with Answers
Idiom Quiz #2
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