10 Beautiful English Words You Should Use more often

Vocabulary represents one of the most important skills necessary for teaching and learning a foreign language. When confronting a native English speaker, when watching a movie without subtitles or when listening to a favourite English song, when reading a text or when writing a letter to a friend, students always need to operate with words.

10 Beautiful English Words You Should Use more often

10 Beautiful English Words
10 Beautiful English Words

1. Petrichor

Meaning - the smell produced when rain falls on dry ground, usually experienced as being pleasant

Petrichor definition & meaning

2. Effervescent

Meaning - lively and enthusiastic

Effervescent definition & meaning

3. Epiphany

Meaning - a moment when you suddenly realize or understand something important

Epiphany definition & meaning

4. Mellifluous

Meaning - pleasant to listen to

Mellifluous definition & meaning

5. Elysian

Meaning - relating to heaven or to a place of perfect happiness

Elysian definition & meaning

6. Halcyon

Meaning - denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful

Halcyon definition & meaning

7. Cynosure

Meaning - something good or beautiful that attracts attention

Cynosure definition & meaning

8. Denouement

Meaning - the end of a book, play, or series of events, when everything is explained

Denouement definition & meaning

9. Dalliance

Meaning - a short sexual relationship, especially one involving people who are married to other people

Dalliance definition & meaning

10. Ailurophile

Meaning - a cat-lover

Ailurophile definition & meaning

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