Lose vs. Loose: What is the Difference?

You will learn the difference between lose and loose in this post. Lose vs. loose is a dilemma you should not be having, so let's settle it once and for all.

Lose vs. Loose: What is the Difference?

Lose      /luːz/

• [verb] Unable to find something/someone

• [verb] Opposite of win

• Past tense - lost

Rhyming Words:





• Here is $10 for lunch. Don't lose it.

• I've lost my ticket.

• If we lose this game, we're out of the championship.

• They lost the game today but are hopeful they won't lose next time.

Loose     /luːs/

• [adjective] Opposite of tight or attached

• [verb] to make something loose, especially something that is tied or held tightly

Rhyming Words:





• My daughter's first tooth is loose!

• Loose clothing will keep you comfortable.

• Ever since he lost weight, all of his clothes are loose.

• I loosed the reins and allowed the horse to gallop.

Lose vs. Loose: What is the Difference?
Lose vs. Loose

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